Drawing inspiration from herbalism know-how, our formulas are passionately crafted with unique blends of organic ingredients.

Bio Apricot Kernel Oil

Organic Apricot Kernel Oil is known for its moisturizing properties, to leave the hair silky.

Bio Almond Oil

Organic Almond Oil is known for its strengthening properties, to keep the hair healthy-looking and moisturized.

Bio Rosehip Oil

Rich in Vitamin A and unsaturated fatty acids, Rosehip Oil has an invigorating effect on skin by increasing and restoring its elasticity, while improving collagen and moisture levels.

Bio Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear is known to have strong hydrating properties, to prevent skin aging while having a glowing and brightening effect on the skin.

Immortal Flower

Immortal Flower is known to even out skin tone and texture, while improving collagen production and cell renewal. This strong and resistant flower is also known to give the skin a glowy and youthful appearance.

Bio Orange Peel

Orange peel promotes a clear and even skin tone thanks to its richness in anti-oxidants. In cosmetics, orange peel is known to give the skin a glowy and youthful appearance.

Bio Lemon

Lemon was used by ancient Latin, Greek and Arab doctors as an antidote against venom and other poisons, or to prevent epidemics.
In cosmetics, lemon is traditionally known for its natural skin illuminating and softening properties.

Bio Mandarin

Used in traditional medicine for more than 2000 years, mandarin peel is known for its antibacterial and energizing properties.
Rich in vitamin C, mandarin is commonly used in cosmetics for its protecting action against free radicals and its soothing effect.

Bio Thyme

Rich in essential oils, it was used at all time for its aromatic, digestive and antiseptic properties.
In cosmetics, thyme is known for fighting against malodor bacteria, purifying the skin and regulating sebum production.

Bio Rosemary

Sacred plant since Roman time, rosemary was known to stimulate the digestive functions. It was also used as a general tonic.
Used in cosmetics for both skin and hair, rosemary purifies and tones. It also helps the skin to reinvigorate itself.

Bio Fig

Considered as the most ancient fruit, fig was traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory action and its calming properties.
In cosmetics, fig is known for its hydrating properties and protecting action against free radicals.

Bio Hibiscus

Antioxidant or even anti-hypertensive, the medicinal properties of the hibiscus flower have been known since antiquity.
In cosmetics, hibiscus is commonly used for its powerful hydrating properties and its anti- dull skin effect.

Bio Aloe Vera

For more than 5000 years, aloe vera has been used for therapeutic & cosmetic purposes, especially for its strong healing power.
Rich of many cosmetic properties, aloe vera is especially adapted to sensitive skin for its anti-inflammatory, healing & hydrating actions.

Bio Jasmine Flower

The flower is a symbol of beauty and its properties are mostly used in Ayurvedic medicine. Known for antibacterial and cooling effects, it tones dry, irritated and sensitive skin. Thanks to its tonifying and soothing properties, skin elasticity is enhanced and is even used to assist with stretch marks and scarring.

Bio Grapeseed

Famous since Neolithic times, grape was used to treat skin disease and infections.
Enriched with vitamin A and E, grapeseed oil is well-known for its powerful antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

Bio Lavender

Used in medicinal treatment for its decongestant & depurative properties.
Sea lavender is commonly used in night creams for its deep moisturizing properties and its skin rejuvenating action.

Bio Sunflower Oil

Used by several ancient societies for therapeutic and culinary purposes, even in medicinal applications such as infusions that remedied snakes bites.
Thanks to its emollient properties, sunflower oil is an effective moisturizing agent helping the skin retain its moisture.

Bio Rice

It is known by its rich content in B vitamins and to be used to reduce sebum release from skin and hair scalp. It is known for moisturizing and soothing properties to help achieve healthier looking hair.

Bio Rosa Damascena Water

It has been known for millenaries in traditional medicine, especially for its relaxing properties and anti-fatigue effect.
The rosa damascena has many cosmetic benefits: regenerating action, toning properties, soothing effect, pores tightening action, etc.

Bio Olive

Cultivated for centuries, it has always been used to prevent or heal certain diseases. All parts of the tree are useful: the fruit, the leaf, the flower and the bark. In Ancient Greece, preparations composed of leaves and olive oil treated all kinds of inflammations.
Rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, olive oil is the oldest Italian beauty secret. Real treasure for the skin, it nourishes, softens, tones and revitalizes. Olive oil is also perfect for strengthening and bringing back shine to the hair.

Bio Basil

Rich in vitamin A, K, C, magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium. Its repairing and protecting properties help to treat dry and itchy scalp and reduces excessive hair fall.

Bio Sage

Organic Sage is rich in anti-inflammatory, astringents and antimicrobial properties. It is often used to treat scalp conditions like dandruff, eczema and dermatitis.

Bio Mint

Organic Mint is rich in menthol, commonly used in cosmetics to freshen the scalp and protect from dandruff. With its refreshing and cooling properties it can help to keep the hair clean and fresh all day long.

Bio Cotton

Natural Organic Cotton is safe to use for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin as it is soothing and does not irritate the skin thanks to its very soft texture.